Change is Here!!

What are the perils, influences and merits of progress? change

CHANGE: Robots Driving Covered Wagons, explores these ideas in a volume of evocative poetry from Glenn Proctor – award-winning journalist, mentor and leadership coach. Proctor wants his poems to elicit responses: an agreeable nod, a wrinkled grimace, a flat chuckle, a blank stare or a reader feeling that a poem spoke specifically to them.

Change is the  just-released last volume of the Finding Dust Trilogy that includes:

  • KICKING BOTTLES, NEWS & DUST: the story of a foster kid in the 1950s, raising children as a single parent, decades as a journalist and becoming a top editor.
  • Love, Lust & Flirts: celebrates the fun, joy and pain of relationships.

Learn more and buy it at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Outskirts Press.




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