Communicating In the Age of Coronavirus

It’s only natural to want to shut down when the world is quite literally closing its doors around you. When we watch the news (or look at our portfolios) it can seem as if the proverbial end of the world is at hand. While taking necessary precautions during this uncertain times is essential – business, and your clients’ need for your business, will not stop.

It will, however, most certainly change, and that’s where a strong communications game becomes even more vital.

If you haven’t yet developed a realistic plan for what your organization will look like over the coming weeks, take the time to do so.

If you haven’t yet considered alternate ways to get your essential products and/or services into clients’ hands, take the time to do so.

If you haven’t yet examined other opportunities that may arise from this crisis (not in an exploitative way, but in a manner that is a natural evolution of your business), take the time to do so.

But most importantly, take the time to talk to and reassure your clients. Let them know what your plans are – and realize that it’s okay for those plans to evolve. Let them know that you, like them, are in uncharted territory but navigating it with their needs in mind.

Because when this passes, and it will pass, the business landscape will be altered in many ways – some small and some significant. The first steps to making certain that your organization still has a place in it is making certain that clients remember that you are still here and that you were there for them.


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