Marketing Arts in a Post-Covid Age

A huge thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle / Hearst Bay Area for including our founder as one of the marketing leaders in the arts and entertainment industry they tapped for marketing tips on how brands can navigate these unchartered waters.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Tip 3: Create and Share Activities for Families 

“Arts and entertainment brands are in a unique position to engage the public in a positive way during these challenging times.

Families are struggling to fill days with activities they can do from their homes, presenting a unique opportunity to engage audiences you might not ordinarily reach. Find one way that your brand can offer either a hands-on project for children or a virtual offering and reach out to local media to promote it heavily. Get creative and build on what you already do so well.

Your brand will help the public in a challenging time, which will be remembered long after this pandemic passes.

Read the entire article here.

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