Author Marketing 101

YOU are your own best marketer.

No matter who else you hire and what you do, 
no one else will ever promote your book like you will. That means YOU have to work at it.

Here’s a quick cheat-sheet of what you should be doing before your book comes out.

  1. Pre-order Phase

• Establish social media accounts and a landing page for your book.

• Set up a payment system to accept online payments for your book – 
do not forget to add in the cost of shipping your book.

• Build interest on social media.

• Secure testimonials from friends, authors, experts, etc. 

• In normal times, this is when you schedule book signings several months out. 
Now, that might mean virtual readings and signings.

• Get press – send releases to hometown and current newspapers, colleges, 

any professional or recreational organizations you are associated with.

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